What to do?

I guess you have all been wondering what happened to me and the blog. Why it has been so silent lately. I never really meant for the silence to last for this long. The main reason why there haven’t been any updates is probably because I just don’t feel very inspired to write. Also I’m no longer sure what to do with the blog.

When I first started blogging, it was so that our family and friends, near and far, could keep up with us and all our “adventures”. But then the blog grew bigger, people from all over the world started reading. At first I thought it was fun, and then it started making things more difficult. I could no longer be as personal on the blog as I wanted, because I want to stay a little anonymous now that so many are following me. It was a very difficult line to walk. I also started to feel like maybe the new people didn’t want to read about my personal adventures, that they were only following me because they had a great interest in Iceland. So I changed the blog a bit and made it more informative, but I never really liked it. This was supposed to be about me and my life and all my adventures, both in Iceland and anywhere else I would go.

Because of all this, I have decided to take a break for now. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do about the blog, if I want to close it down, or change it, or do something completely different. So for now the blog will stay silent, and I’m sorry about that. But I will come back someday soon when I have finally made up my mind.

For now I leave you with a picture of Akureyri, taken this weekend. Yes we still have snow in the mountains!

Akureyri 17.05.2014

Akureyri 17.05.2014


Busy little bee

If you’re wondering why my blog is so quiet lately, it’s because we’re very busy at the moment working for IceAk. Every time there’s a cruise ship coming to the harbour here in Akureyri we’re there trying to get the tourists to go on a tour with us in our Super Jeeps 😉 And since there’s so many ships coming here it’s hard for me to find the time for it all. Since I’m not driving the tourist I’m instead managing the company’s Facebook page, Twitter and home page. We try to update it every time we’ve been on a trip. So there’s a lot to do and if you’re interested in seeing what we do go check out our pages 😉 Since we are so busy the blog is going on a short summer vacation, probably until sometime next month. But I promise I will be back 😉 In the meantime I wish you all a great Summer!!!!

On of the Super Jeeps parked at Hverir

One of the Super Jeeps parked at Hverir

Tweet tweet

I have finally done what so many others did years ago, I’ve signed up for twitter! So If you’re interested in following me on twitter as well then you can now find me there 😉 Just press the cute little bird bellow and he will take you there 🙂 

Second chapter

We have been very busy lately, with moving from Reykjavík to Akureyri and starting up a “new” life here. I can’t say that’s it’s been an all smooth journey, but things are starting to look a bit better. So once again I’ve been neglecting my blog, and I’m sorry for that. Soon there will be a change, or at least I hope so. Doddi and I are starting a new chapter in our “Great Icelandic Adventure”. What it is I can’t tell you yet, but for us it’s something big and super exiting! Hopefully I can tell you all about in a few weeks. But first we’re off for a vacation in Sweden, which I’m very much looking forward to of course. Not only will I get to see my family and friends, but hopefully we’re going to take the ferry back and that means we can bring our “normal” car back with us (It’s starting to be very expensive to be driving around in a Super Jeep all the time), and some more of our things 🙂 Also I’ve never taken the ferry to Iceland, so it might be kind of fun. If we take the ferry we would get to stay a few extra days in Sweden, which I’m of course not complaining about 😉 Only problem with it is that we’re short on time at the moment with our “new project” so we can’t stay away from here for too long 😉 But when we get back I will share with you all what our “new project” is, so stay tuned 😉

One thing that I can share with you is our newly made photo page. There you can see many of our pictures, both from Iceland and Sweden and also some other places. This page isn’t completely finished yet, but we’re working on getting it finished soon. It will also be updated whenever we feel that we have taken some new nice pictures 😉 So do check it out!

One of the pictures you will find on our page

One of the pictures you will find on our page, an “Ice bird” at Jökulsárlón.

From here to there

As you might have noticed I have not been very active on my blog lately, reason is that Doddi and I are still in Akureyri. We went here to spend Easters with the family and then while we were here we decided that we no longer what to live in Reykjavík so we’re moving to Akureyri! 🙂 We of course still need to get back to Reykjavík to collect our things, there included my computer which I’m missing a lot at the moment. But this is the main reason why I haven’t updated my blog at all. But as soon as I have my computer again I’ll continue writing about our adventures so just be patient, please!

One small updated; We have winter and SNOW!!!! 🙂 For Doddi and me this winter have been a bit of a disappointment, but all we needed to do to get a real winter was to move to Akureyri! It’s too bad we didn’t figure that out earlier 😉 So now I can finally stop complaining about the lack of snow, because we have plenty of it and I’m loving it! 🙂 Thank you Jack Frost for finally listening to me and bringing me what I wanted 😉

Sunshine Award

I have been nominated for the Sunshine Award by Catastrophic Findings! She must have known that I was in great need of some incommensurate at the moment 😉 I’ve been struggling a bit with my blog lately, thinking that I never had anything fun to write about and being scared that if I didn’t write soon I would loose all my great followers. So this nomination was just what I needed at the moment, so great big thanks to you!!! 🙂

Rules for the Sunshine Award:

  • If you are nominated you must include the link in a blog, linking to the person/blog that nominated you.
  • You must answer some questions and nominate 10 fellow bloggers and link their blogs in your post. Let the people you have nominated know that you have nominated them!

1. Who is your favourite philosopher?

To be honest I don’t have one….

2. What is your favourite number?

I actually have a few of them and they all come from my time as a gymnast. When you’re competing you get a number and every time I got the numbers 5 or 7 I would do very well and sometimes even win a medal. For some reason these number have stayed with me and are still my favourite ones 🙂

3. What is your favourite animal?

Penguin, they are just so cute and if you were allowed to have one as a pet I would without a doubt get one!

4. What are your Facebook and Twitter URLs?

I can only give you my Facebook one because I don’t have Twitter http://www.facebook.com/frida.carlsson.54

5. What is your favourite time of day?

Sometime between 17.00 and 17.30 because that’s when Doddi comes home from work.

6. What was your favourite vacation?

I’m not sure if travelling around Iceland counts, since this is now where I live. So if I’m not allowed to count that in then I would have to say Sicily, I went there with my parents a few year ago and it was a really nice trip and a very beautiful place.

7. What is your favourite physical activity?

Everyone who knows me now knows that I’m not that keen on physical activities. But when I do get the urge to do something I find it kind of fun to do Zumba.

8. What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink?


9. What is your favourite flower?

I’m one of few women who doesn’t really like flowers so I don’t have a favourite one. But I do think tulips are kind of nice.

10. What is your passion?

I guess I would have to say books, architecture, fashion and photography.

Sunshine Award Nominations (in no particular order)

Where did the inspiration go?

As we entered a new year one of my New Years resolutions was to try to be more active on my blog. But for some reason the inspiration seem to have left me. It’s not because I don’t have anything to share, we have done a few things which I would like to show you, but every time I sit down by my computer and try to write something my head goes empty and I can’t seem to put together a single sentence. So instead of writing I just sit there staring at the empty screen until I feel like pulling my hair. After a while I close the computer thinking that maybe I just need to do something else and then later on my inspiration will be back. But instead of ten coming back to my computer I do my very best to avoid it as much as I possibly can. So the screen stays empty and the blog stays quiet. As the days pass by I start feeling bad about avoiding the blog so I once again sit down and try to come up with something to write and once again the whole thing ends with me pulling my hair. It’s a bad circle and today I decided to stop it and just write what ever comes up in my head and this was the result.

I do hope that you won’t give up on me, I do have a lot to tell you and I’m trying my best to find a way to write it all down. So stay tuned and hopefully soon you will get to hear all about my latest adventures such as my first trip to a glacier and what it’s like to loose a tire on your way up a glacier 😉