Bucket list


  • Do a glacier hike
  • Walk on Leif the Lucky’s Bridge
  • Visit The blue lagoon – DONE
  • Take a bath in a real nature pool – DONE
  • Ride on an Icelandic horse (am super scared of horses but still feel like this is something I need to try. )
  • Go into a magma chamber
  • Drive a Super Jeep in the snow – DONE
  • Drive on a Glacier – DONE
  • See the salmons travel upstream
  • Visit all glaciers in Iceland
  • Drive the full circle around Iceland


  • Visit every country in Europe
  • Visit every continent in the world
  • Learn how to shoot a gun – DONE
  • Go to London and see Big Ben
  • Drive a Mustang
  • See the Eiffel tower
  • Design my future home
  • Go to New York and see ground zero
  • See the pyramids
  • Go on a Safari in Africa

Any suggestions on things to put on my bucket list are more then welcome!


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