Hi everyone! I’m Frida. Since the summer of 2012 I live in wonderful Iceland, and every day is a new adventure. My main passion in life is Architecture, Fashion, Photography and Traveling.

I’m a Swedish girl who grew up outside of Helsingborg, and in 2006 I moved to Copenhagen, Denmark to broaden my horizon. It was in Copenhagen I met an amazing Icelandic guy called Doddi, who I feel in Love with. After we both finished our bachelors in 2011 and becoming Constructing Architects we moved to Sweden to start our real life together. Unfortunately things didn’t turn out the way we had hoped and since we never found suitable jobs for us in Sweden it soon became clear to us that we needed to go somewhere else to try to find our happily ever after. Our first choice on the list was of course Iceland so when we got the opportunity to move here we took it. And so my Great Icelandic Adventure began.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

For more information about me check out 100 Facts about me 🙂


7 thoughts on “About

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  2. wow love ur article. im planning to go to iceland and its so far n foreign to me (first i dont know that iceland is separate island from north europe.xp). well, im from indonesia so it would take me 1 day to fly to iceland. really love the pict too. ur iceland post inspire me what can i do there.

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