Super Jeep Tours

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7 thoughts on “Super Jeep Tours

    • Not if you want to do it the real Icelandic way, which is off-road. That way you get to see all the things tourists normally don’t see 😉
      Plus in the winter time it can be a bit difficult to get to some of these places on a normal car because of the snow, especially Dettifoss.

      • OK, that’s right. In wintertime to Dettifoss isn’t nearly impossible with a normal car. 😉 And I thought off-road-driving is prohibited in Iceland. But maybe not for tourist companies???

      • Anywhere there’s snow, you’re allowed to drive. Because driving on snow doesn’t damage nature 😉 But if there’s no snow you need to stick to roads!

      • OK, so in wintertime you can go with the tourists off-road. I understand. Are many tourists there in the wintertime? I can imagine the tours you offer are very inviting for people who doesn’t rent a 4×4 vehicle or a Super Jeep by themselves.

      • Yes we do get quite a lot of tourists during the winter time, a lot more than I though there would be.
        Everyone who has gone on a tour with the Super Jeep has loved it! It’s a very special experience that you just have to try some day 😉

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