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Lovely Sunday

I love Sundays, it’s a day to just take it easy and relax to store energy for the week to come. If it’s a rainy day it’s a day to lay on the couch, watch movies and enjoy life. But if you’re lucky enough and get sunshine on a Sunday, being outside is almost a must.

Since we were lucky enough to have a Sunday with a beautiful blue sky and a lot of sunshine we took the Jeep and went for a short Sunday drive in the valley above Akureyri. It was the perfect day for a drive! The sun made the snow sparkle like a million diamonds and the snow was perfect to drive in. It was a perfect Sunday, I want more like it now that winter is slowly changing into spring. 10259724_445363068899680_6597879011202920342_nSorry about the bad quality of the picture, but we of course forgot the camera so this one is taken with my phone.

Night lights

One of the best things about winter in Iceland, the amazing Northern Lights! Lately our days in Akureyri have been filled with lovely sunshine and a beautiful blue sky. This often results in amazing northern lights in the evenings. Of course it’s difficult to see them when you’re in town, but as soon as you leave all the light behind you they fill the sky. It really is an spectacular sight and I understand why so many tourists travel all the way to the north to see them!northern lightsWhen Doddi took this picture the lights weren’t even visible to the eye. So even if we can’t always see them they still seem to be there.