Sliding around

Winter here in Akureyri seem to come and go. We’ve had quite a lot of snow a few times, but then it always melts away again leaving the roads all covered in horribly slipper ice. Most Icelanders (at least the ones from the North) know how to drive in snow and all of these other conditions that I’m just not used to. When ever it snows in the South of Sweden, which hasn’t been that often in the last few years, we first clear the roads and then we use salt on roads and side walks to melt away all the ice leaving the asphalt clear. But here in Akureyri they don’t use salt, so when all that melted snow turns into ice it becomes extremely slippery, and for someone like me who’s not used to it, it becomes very dangerous.

Because of the “bad” road conditions and my inexperience Doddi has been driving me to work for the last month or two. But now he’s going to drive tourists for two and a half weeks, leaving me here all alone. That means that I no longer have anyone to drive me to work, so I have to drive myself. Since “my” car, the little Golf, doesn’t have spiked tires and 4×4 its not really a suitable car to drive at the moment. Instead I’ve got our beloved Cherokee back! I love this car, and I’ve been waiting for so long to take him out of “storage”. Now I finally have him and its so much fun to get to drive him again.

"My" beloved car

“My” beloved car in his right element, lots of snow!

But I must admit that this is not the easiest car to drive, especially not when you’re used to a tiny car like the Golf. First of all its a lot bigger, both when it comes to size but also when it comes to engine 😉 It also handles differently from most cars I’ve driven. So it will probably take a few more days for me to really get used to driving this car. But it sure is fun!


10 thoughts on “Sliding around

  1. Remember, four wheel drive only gets you stuck deeper in the woods. Granted, there are no “woods” in Iceland, but don’t get overconfident in the vehicle’s abilities. Always be careful. I know you will.

    • Thank you Jon for your consideration. I only use the 4 wheel drive when its very slippery or if there’s a lot of snow. But I do promise you not to get stuck in the woods 😉

  2. You are a hero!!!! I’m really attracted by Iceland and Nordic Countries and I will for sure visit them in the future, but I would die if I should be forced to abandon my beloved Italy. I love warm sea and high temperatures, and now, where I live, even if it is full wintertime, we have 12° which is not that bad and sun is shining! How can you live with these low temperatures and all that snow around (well, of course because your Doddi is with you :-)))) ? My congratulations!!!!
    Antonella from Italy (if you want I can send you some pics of the lake close to my home where, in a couple of months I will swim!!!! Have you ever seen Italy?)

    • Wow, thank you Antonella! I also love taking a swim in the warm sea, and who doesn’t love summer? 😉 But at the same time I really love winter, the cold and most of all the snow. It can turn anything into something amazingly beautiful 🙂
      But even if I didn’t love snow I would still stay here just for Doddi and to get to experience this beautiful country.
      I’ve never been to Italy, only Sicily. But my parents have been to Italy many times and they love it! I really want to go someday 🙂
      Of course I want to see your pictures, so please send them to me!!! 🙂
      Take care

      • 🙂
        You can follow this link:
        (or just have a look with Google for “Lago di Caldonazzo”) since at the moment I do not have pics here at work ( is the b&b of my family …. :-))))).
        You will see all this astonishing area. Caldonazzo lake is the warmest lake in the Southern Alpine Area of Trentino Alto Adige (region where I live). If you leave me your mail address, I will send you (those I have here) pics of Costiera Amalfitana close to Neaples (my boyfriend is from Neaples) which is also wonderful. Well Sicily is a jewel (San Vito lo Capo is wonderful), in any case I go on reading your story since it is very interesting to look at a completely different life and totally different experiences! Then, I repeat it, I’m attracted from Northern Countries (Iceland 1 in the rank!!!!).
        A hug

      • It looks beautiful Antonella. I hope you one day get to see Iceland and all its beauty. The pictures can’t really capture it, it’s so much more amazing in real life 😉

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