World’s Must See Churches

The church “Hallgrímskirkja” in Reykjavík is on the Buzz Feed Travels list of “The 11 Unusual Churches You Have to See Before You go to Heaven”.


Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavík

Hallgrímskirkja is a very special church and I quite like it, except for the interior. On the inside the church is much to plain for my taste. I love old churches with the coloured glass windows and all that. Even if I’m not a religious person I still have a thing for churches. They are often very beautiful and special buildings, and like in Reykjavík it’s a “monument” for the city. It’s like a navigation point in the city 😉 The church is tallest building in Reykjavík. It’s suppose to resemble flowing lava from a volcano. One of my favourite things about Hallgrímskirkja is the fact that you can go up in the tower and from there you have an amazing panorama view over the city.

On the “World’s Must See Churches” list were many very special and beautiful churches, some of them I would love to go see. For example the number 9 on the list “Church of St. Jean (12th Century) — Aubeterre sur Dronne, France”. That one looks like something very special and I hope I will get to see it some day.

Here you can find the whole list of World’s Must See Churches.


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