Old houses

Since I have a great interest in architecture I find it quite interesting, that just 100 years ago half the population here in Iceland were still living in turf houses. To me this feels very old fashion, but it all makes sense in a way. Since there isn’t much wood here it’s of course been hard for Icelanders to find a different way of building. And also the turf houses were working, so why change?

Old turf houses at Baugasel

Old turf houses at Baugasel

In the 1960:s there were almost no one living in turf houses any more and many of these old houses disappeared. Icelanders had by then realized how old fashion this was, and most people wanted to live more comfortably. But it’s a huge shame that there are so few of these houses left, since they hold so much history and not just for Icelanders but for all of us.

The turf houses at Laufás are really nice and very interesting for me, so I didn't mind going here a few times during the summer.

The turf houses at Laufás are really nice and very interesting to me

Luckily there are a few of the old turf houses that has been preserved and some of them are now being used as museums. I personally love these houses, they are so smartly built and the often look really cool 🙂 So I’m very happy that there are still some left, and that there are some very close to where we live. My favourite ones are probably the ones at Laufás, they are in a very good state still so you get the feeling of being transported back in time. The ones at Baugasel are also nice, but there some of the houses are gone and there’s just the foundation left and it’s being taken over by the vegetation. But still I find them very fascinating.



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