The cold makes it beautiful

This morning when I was going to work it was -8.6 °C. Needless to say that it was pretty chilly. We even had to scrape the inside of the windows in the car, and that’s not something you do every day. When I say “we” I of course mean Doddi 😉 If I had to help with that I would have been late for work. I’m not a morning person so waking up early is not something I enjoy. Therefore I wake up so I have just enough time for my morning routines and then be at work at 8.00. Most days I make it, but during the winter time when you have to scrape windows it does happen that I’m a bit late, like most people I work with 😉 Then it’s good to have Doddi who drives me to work, when the roads are slippery like today or when there’s too much snow on the roads.

But the cold morning did give us something nice, it gave a very beautiful sunrise! Looking at a lovely sunrise like this one almost makes you forget how cold it really is 😉

sunrise 2sunrise 1