My wonderland

Yesterday afternoon it started to snow here in Akureyri, and then it never wanted to stop again. When I went to bed last night it was still snowing, and this morning I woke up to the most beautiful winter wonderland! There was so much snow that my little Golf was completely snowed in. This morning I was very happy we have such a big car as the Jeep so that I easily could get to work even if my little Golf didn’t want to take me.

Picture from Akureyri this morning (picture borrow from

Akureyri this morning
(picture is borrow from

Unfortunatley it’s no longer bellow zero degrees so some of the snow is melting, but I doubt all that snow can melt away in just one day. So fingers crossed this snow is staying for some time now so we can do something fun this weekend! I’ve been looking forward to go play with the Jeep in the snow. As soon as the first snow fell up in the mountains I wanted to jump in the car and just drive and have fun!


2 thoughts on “My wonderland

    • We didn’t get to keep if for very long, it’s raining today so most of is melting away as we speak 😦 But they say it will come new snow soon, so I’m not too sad 😉

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