Here to stay?

Is winter here to stay? Could I really be that lucky that we have finally gotten a real winter with snow and everything, and that it’s here to stay and not rain away again after just a day?

Since I’m from south of Sweden originally I’m not that used to very cold winters with lots of snow. Although I do remember quite a lot of snow during my childhood, but maybe not every year. For my “grown up” years in Sweden, and then later on Denmark, I’m more used to rain and boring weather during the winter months. So to me it was quite normal to have the whole month of September and parts of October, where it was raining every other day or so. But at the same time I was a bit disappointed. Last year when we lived in Reykjavík we had a pretty boring winter with very little snow, while they here in the north got winter with loads of snow as early as September and then it stayed until May. So of course I was expecting something similar this year. But that never happened. All that we got this year was rain and rain and then some more rain. The temperature never wanted to go down bellow 0°C so that all that rain could become snow instead. How disappointed I was, and how I was hoping and wishing that next time it would be snow and not rain that fell from the sky.

Now my wish has finally come true, we have snow! And not just in the mountains, but in town! We don’t have a lot of snow, but enough to cover the ground and make everything look just a little bit brighter and a lot nicer. Now the only question is, how long will the snow stay? Will it stay until May when winter is really over, or will it go sooner and be replaced by the horrible boring rain again? If you look at the weather forecasts today, it almost looks like the snow is here to stay, but then again the forecasts seem to change every day and they can never be trusted! Not that long ago I wrote that we would have a day with -18°C but of course that never happened, instead it was close to 0°C. So never trust the weather forecasts, Icelandic weather is not to be trusted!

Akureyri all covered in snow, March 2011

Akureyri all covered in snow, March 2011


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