Many complain about the winter months in Iceland being so dark, and for every morning I notice it getting darker and darker. I don’t really mind the darkness, when the ground is covered in snow it doesn’t feel that dark anyway. But on a morning like today when the rain is falling, it seems very dark and all you want to do is crawl back into bed and hide under you cover.

But like I said, the darkness isn’t all bad. I am one of those who has a huge problem during the summers in Iceland when the sun never goes down, I can’t sleep! I just can’t sleep if it isn’t dark. So summers for me can be quite difficult, but during the winter time it’s nice and dark when you go to bed and there is no sun waking you up way before it’s time to get up. This is something I really like!

Beautiful Akureyri in all it's evening glory

Beautiful Akureyri in all it’s evening glory


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