Foreigners in Iceland

In the first nine months of this year, 3,046 foreigners moved to Iceland. Since I moved here last year I am not one of them. I must say that as much as I can understand that people want to move here, since it is such a beautiful place, I never thought it was that many that came to live here. As far as I knew Iceland was a pretty “closed” country, but maybe I was wrong.

Top ten nationalities:

Poland: 1,018

U.S: 144
Lithuania: 132
Spain: 120
Denmark: 118
UK: 95
France: 76
Latvia: 73
Portugal: 70

Sweden wasn’t even on the list, so I guess there aren’t that many of us moving here. Why would we move here? It can’t be for the climate, you can find the same kind of climate in north of Sweden. All I can come up with, apart from love which was my reason for moving here, is the amazing nature. We of course have pretty great nature in Sweden too, but there is just nothing that compares to Iceland, it’s just one of a kind and I can’t imagine living any where else.

The information about this subject I found in an article on Iceland Review


3 thoughts on “Foreigners in Iceland

  1. I was entranced by Iceland on my brief visit… I’d love to stay for a while, longer than a holiday I mean, just to really get to know the country!

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