First snow

The Icelandic summer never last for long, and it has been over for a while now and we have full on autumn. This is not one of my favourite seasons of the year, even if it can be really beautiful when all the trees start to change colour. Unfortunately we have had a very rainy start to our autumn here in the north, and the only nice thing about this is that it’s been snowing a lot up in the mountains so all mountains surrounding our beautiful town are white and look very inviting. We went up to Vaðlaheiði last weekend for a short drive and it was so much fun! I’m already looking forward to doing some winter trips in our Jeep, and if it continues on being this cold we might be going on one very soon 🙂

If only I was this lucky to wake up to a beautiful winter landscape like in Siglufjörður the other day (picture is borrowed from