Long Pause

When I wrote last time, telling all of you that I was taking a vacation, I never intended it to last this long. But for some reason I just couldn’t find the inspiration needed to write something new and fun, so I let time past. It’s not that nothing has happened so that I wouldn’t have anything to write about, quite the contrary actually. In July I celebrated 1 year in Iceland, along with me turning 30 (!) and then there was Doddi’s birthday, and many other things. So it’s been quite an eventful month.

The biggest thing of the month was probably me turning 30 ( I’m still having problems saying that out loud because it makes me sound and feel so old), and since it was a big thing for me Doddi made my day extra special and a day I will remember forever!

Doddi had planned the whole day for me without me. Since I wouldn’t get to celebrate my birthday with my family this year, I had asked Doddi that we would go somewhere, just the two of us for my big day. So he planned it all and so the whole day was a great big surprise to me, which was really fun.

One the morning of my birthday Doddi told me to pack a bag with my bathing suit, a towel, walking shoes and to wear comfortable clothes but to bring some “nicer clothes” with me. This made me a little suspicious, but I of course did as I was told, and off we went. Once we started driving I kind of thought that I would be able to figure out where we might be going, but it wasn’t until we parked the car that I figured it out. We were going to Drangey also known as “The Puffin Island”! I have seen Puffins before at Ingólfshöfði, but my opinion is that you can never see too many Puffins 😉 So I was thrilled when I figured out where we were going, and it wasn’t until I saw the island and realized that getting up to the top there to see the Puffins, that would not be an easy walk. To get up there you have to climb, and it’s not the easiest of climbs, but we did it and even if I had to lay down for a few minutes once we made it up, I’m still proud of me for doing it! Once up there it really was worth the climb 😉 We got to see so many Puffins and get really close to them, which was so cool! It was a lot more fun than at Ingólfshöfði. Although it is a lot easier to get to Ingólfshöfði, the walk up there is not that steep 😉 When it was time to get back down again I was so nervous, its one thing going up but going down is always harder. But for some reason it wasn’t as bad as I thought and I did make it down again in one piece 🙂

This is where we had to climb up

This is where we had to climb up

The little hut at the top was very cute

The little hut at the top was very cute

The whole reason we were there, The Beautiful Puffin

The whole reason we were there, The Beautiful Puffin

Doddi even got to hold a Puffin

Doddi even got to hold a Puffin

Back at “main-land” Doddi and I then took a relaxing, and well needed bath, in the nature pool. It was really nice to sink into the water and feel all of your tense muscles relax. And if you’re wondering, yes my muscles were very sore for day after 😉

After the relaxing bath we went to the nearby village Sauðárkrókur for a very nice dinner. We had “the farmer’s special” which was lamb, beef and foal. Very tasty 🙂

Since we were thinking about offering this trip as an IceAk Super Jeep Tour, we made one little extra stop on our way home. We walked to see some waterfalls in a canyon. But since my muscles in my legs were so tired after the climb easier, I can’t say that I enjoyed that walk. But the waterfall was very beautiful and did make up for the pain it in the end.

The waterfalls really are beautiful

The waterfalls really are beautiful

So all in all, this was a GREAT day!!!


6 thoughts on “Long Pause

  1. Sounds like a fun day and squeeee at holding a puffin! 🙂 30 is not so bad, try 40…

    I think if you offer this as a trip people would love it, but some people from the UK and US would totally freak out to be offered foal on a menu. We don’t see horses as a food animal, or cats and dogs, any more than we would eat humans, I guess it’s a cultural thing. I know people who would eat it and be intrigued, but also some people who would be quite upset.

    • Thank you 🙂 I know that many might find it weird to eat foal, but to me it’s just good food 😉 Not sure we would have that as part of our tour, like you said many might be offended by it. But to go see the Puffins will wothout a doubt be something we will offer our tourists 🙂

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