Busy little bee

If you’re wondering why my blog is so quiet lately, it’s because we’re very busy at the moment working for IceAk. Every time there’s a cruise ship coming to the harbour here in Akureyri we’re there trying to get the tourists to go on a tour with us in our Super Jeeps 😉 And since there’s so many ships coming here it’s hard for me to find the time for it all. Since I’m not driving the tourist I’m instead managing the company’s Facebook page, Twitter and home page. We try to update it every time we’ve been on a trip. So there’s a lot to do and if you’re interested in seeing what we do go check out our pages 😉 Since we are so busy the blog is going on a short summer vacation, probably until sometime next month. But I promise I will be back 😉 In the meantime I wish you all a great Summer!!!!

On of the Super Jeeps parked at Hverir

One of the Super Jeeps parked at Hverir


2 thoughts on “Busy little bee

    • Thank you!
      So you’re coming here, that’s great! Wish you a great trip 🙂 If you find yourself at the harbour in Akureyri then you might get to see me at work 😉

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