To get back home to Iceland with our fully packed car we had to drive all the way from Helsingborg to the north of Jylland in Denmark to take the ferry from there. This takes quite a few hours and so we decided to spend one night at my friends’ house in Kolding, which was pretty much half way. It’s often very great to have friends in many different countries 😉

Beautiful Kolding

Beautiful Kolding

Neither Doddi nor I had ever been to Kolding before, and it was a great surprise to find that it was a beautiful little town with many nice old buildings, which I have a thing for. Once again we were extremely lucky with the weather, and so we could walk around down town for a few hours to have a real look around. In Kolding there is an old castle which burned some hundred years ago or so, but they have rebuilt it once again. The interesting thing about it is that they didn’t really turn it into what it was before, instead they did some minor changes and there are some modern constructions combined with the old. I love old buildings, but I’m one of those who want to keep the outside, and at times even the inside, as intact as possible. So for me the modern parts of the castle weren’t that appreciated. I thought they could have done a lot better. But it was still really nice to walk around in there.

Some really nice buildings could definitely be found here

Some really nice buildings could definitely be found here

Also some more interesting buildings

Also some more interesting buildings

A beautiful city hall

A beautiful city hall

The castle Koldinghus

The castle Koldinghus with some old and some new parts

After our walk down town we went back to my friend’s house and had a lovely barbeque and watched an even lovelier sunset. So a great day and a perfect evening in Kolding!???????????????????????????????


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