Summer times

We had a great holiday in Sweden, and I was sad to return back so soon. But since we had decided to take the ferry back to Iceland we got a few extra days in Sweden, but still it wasn’t enough time. For some reason the days just flew by in ultra speed, and we didn’t get to do all the things we wanted to do and had planned to do. Still it was really great to be home and see my family and friends!

When we left Iceland it was still winter here in the north, with a thick layer of snow up in the mountains surrounding the town. Most of the snow in town had of course left, but it did snow just a few days before our departure. So we left winter and landed straight in summer! When we got to Sweden it wasn’t spring any more, it was the beginning of summer and all around us it was all of a sudden green and there were flowers everywhere! So the jackets we had packed got to stay packed down in our suitcase and we could were short sleeves! So this was definitely a holiday 😉 ???????????????????????????????

My favourite thing during the beginning of summer is our neighbours’ tree, it gets these amazing pink flowers and it just looks so beautiful! I have no idea what kind of a tree it is, but you can find them all over town. Unfortunately they only bloom for a very short time, so we were very lucky to have planned our visit just at the right time when they were in full bloom 🙂 If I ever get a house with a big enough garden I will buy me one of those trees!


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