Travelling home

blogTwo weeks ago we left Iceland to go on a lovely vacation to Sweden, and tomorrow morning we will start our long journey back home. We’ve been going back and forth between Iceland and Sweden a few times now, but this time will be different, we won’t be going on the 3 hour flight. Since we still have most of our things here in Sweden (including our car) we have decided to take the ferry back, which will take 3 days, and not 3 hours like the plane… We’re leaving Sweden one day early because the ferry goes from Denmark and we will stay one night with friends so that we don’t have to drive for too many hours in one day. It often does come in handy to have friends in many different countries around the world 😉

I’ve never taken the ferry before so I have no idea if there’s anything at all to do there, but I really hope so, if not then this will be 3 very horrible days. I think there is a pool so if there’s nothing else to do then I will just spend hours and hours there. One good thing is that the ferry will stop for a few hours at the Faroe Islands on the way which means we can get off there and walk around a bit. I’ve never been to the Faroe Islands so I’m very much looking forward to it.

Our little Golf is completely full

Our little Golf is completely full

Doddi has been packing our car for two days now, and when it comes to packing there is no one better! He has managed to fit so much into that tiny little car that it’s mind-blowing 🙂 I’m of curse happy, because the more he can fit there more things I get with me now 😉 Since we have no idea when we will be able to get the rest of it.

When we left Iceland it was still winter, even if the snow had left the cities it was still laying thick in the surrounding mountains. When we arrived in Sweden it was full on spring and almost summer! It’s been so nice to see everything when it’s all green and everything is in bloom. I was hoping that by the time we would get back to Akureyri winter would be over and we would have spring. But today I heard that it had been snowing there, so guess I my hopes were to high. Still I’m looking forward to getting back, but I sure will miss Sweden and a real Swedish summer 😉


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