island logga9A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a second chapter in our ” Great Icelandic Adventure” and told you all how we had started a new project which I couldn’t really tell you anything about at the time. But now it’s time to reveal what our second chapter is.

As you all know we recently left Reykjavik and moved up north to Doddi’s hometown, Akureyri. There we joined in on his father’s traveling company.  The company has operated since 1998, but since we’ve now joining in we have decided to expand the company’s services and offer all year around Super Jeep Tours from Akureyri, the capital of north Iceland!

Our new Super Jeep

Our new Super Jeep

To be able to do this we bought a new Super Jeep, since our “little” Cherokee isn’t really meant for passengers 😉 We of course also have the cars Doddi’s father already had, so we can take on many tourist and go on a wide variety of tours. You can find all the information about our company on the web-page, so go check it out here! You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter

So if you’re ever in Iceland come take a tour with us in one of our cool Super Jeeps.


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