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Last night was so much fun! I’ve never been to the Eurovision before, but I would definitely go again if I ever got the opportunity 🙂 At first we got really horrible seat, (we really did end up behind the stage) but since the place wasn’t full this night we could move a little bit further to the side and so we ended up seeing the show from the side which was fine. They also had big screens there so it was very easy to follow the show on those whenever you felt like you couldn’t see enough of what was going on. Even if I’m not a huge Eurovision fan,  it still was something really special and like I said, a lot of fun. We of course were there to sheer Iceland on, and clearly it worked because they got to continue on to the finals on Saturday! Woho, GO ICELAND! It really is too bad we don’t have tickets to that show, because I’m sure that one is going to be even more fun. All we can hope for now is that Iceland winns soon so we can go to a show there aswell 😉

Our original seats behind the stage. (Sorry about the bad quality it's taken on my phone)

Our original seats behind the stage. (Sorry about the very bad picture quality, it’s taken on my phone.)


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