Since we accidently planned our trop to Sweden to be at the same time as the Eurovision is in Malmö, Sweden we of course had to go! 🙂 The tickets for the final on Saturday were long gone by the time we noticed that we would be here during this time, so we had to settle for tickets to the show tomorrow when Iceland is competing. I’m not a huge fan of the Eurovision, but still think it might be fun to try it at least once. Doddi is weirdly a lot more in to this then me 😉 I do have to admit that our tickets are not the best money can buy, they might actually be that we’re sitting behind the stage, but it’s the whole experience that I’m going for.

I don’t know how many of you have heard the Icelandic song, but in my opinion it’s not a winning song, sorry Doddi 😉 It’s an okay song, but far from a great song so it won’t win. The guy will sing it in Icelandic which I think is kind of cool. And even if it might now win we’re still going there tomorrow to support him! So GO ICELAND! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Eurovision

  1. I’m pretty envious! Would love to go to Eurovision, even if it were only the semi-final. Plus, I quite like Iceland’s song – but I agree that it won’t win. I think it’s Denmark’s turn this year. Have fun!

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