Travelling home

blogTwo weeks ago we left Iceland to go on a lovely vacation to Sweden, and tomorrow morning we will start our long journey back home. We’ve been going back and forth between Iceland and Sweden a few times now, but this time will be different, we won’t be going on the 3 hour flight. Since we still have most of our things here in Sweden (including our car) we have decided to take the ferry back, which will take 3 days, and not 3 hours like the plane… We’re leaving Sweden one day early because the ferry goes from Denmark and we will stay one night with friends so that we don’t have to drive for too many hours in one day. It often does come in handy to have friends in many different countries around the world 😉

I’ve never taken the ferry before so I have no idea if there’s anything at all to do there, but I really hope so, if not then this will be 3 very horrible days. I think there is a pool so if there’s nothing else to do then I will just spend hours and hours there. One good thing is that the ferry will stop for a few hours at the Faroe Islands on the way which means we can get off there and walk around a bit. I’ve never been to the Faroe Islands so I’m very much looking forward to it.

Our little Golf is completely full

Our little Golf is completely full

Doddi has been packing our car for two days now, and when it comes to packing there is no one better! He has managed to fit so much into that tiny little car that it’s mind-blowing 🙂 I’m of curse happy, because the more he can fit there more things I get with me now 😉 Since we have no idea when we will be able to get the rest of it.

When we left Iceland it was still winter, even if the snow had left the cities it was still laying thick in the surrounding mountains. When we arrived in Sweden it was full on spring and almost summer! It’s been so nice to see everything when it’s all green and everything is in bloom. I was hoping that by the time we would get back to Akureyri winter would be over and we would have spring. But today I heard that it had been snowing there, so guess I my hopes were to high. Still I’m looking forward to getting back, but I sure will miss Sweden and a real Swedish summer 😉



island logga9A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a second chapter in our ” Great Icelandic Adventure” and told you all how we had started a new project which I couldn’t really tell you anything about at the time. But now it’s time to reveal what our second chapter is.

As you all know we recently left Reykjavik and moved up north to Doddi’s hometown, Akureyri. There we joined in on his father’s traveling company.  The company has operated since 1998, but since we’ve now joining in we have decided to expand the company’s services and offer all year around Super Jeep Tours from Akureyri, the capital of north Iceland!

Our new Super Jeep

Our new Super Jeep

To be able to do this we bought a new Super Jeep, since our “little” Cherokee isn’t really meant for passengers 😉 We of course also have the cars Doddi’s father already had, so we can take on many tourist and go on a wide variety of tours. You can find all the information about our company on the web-page, so go check it out here! You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter

So if you’re ever in Iceland come take a tour with us in one of our cool Super Jeeps.

Tweet tweet

I have finally done what so many others did years ago, I’ve signed up for twitter! So If you’re interested in following me on twitter as well then you can now find me there 😉 Just press the cute little bird bellow and he will take you there 🙂 

Little Lambs

The day before we left Iceland to have our nice vacation here in Sweden, we went to a farm close to Akureyri and looked at some of the newly arrived lambs and they were so adorable! Some of them were just a couple of hours old. I have of course seen lambs before, but never any this small. I just wanted to pick one up and run 😉

These were so cute, a white and a black twin.

These were so cute, a white and a black twin.

This little lamb became my favourite, it was just so adorable.

This little lamb became my favourite, it was just so adorable.


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Last night was so much fun! I’ve never been to the Eurovision before, but I would definitely go again if I ever got the opportunity 🙂 At first we got really horrible seat, (we really did end up behind the stage) but since the place wasn’t full this night we could move a little bit further to the side and so we ended up seeing the show from the side which was fine. They also had big screens there so it was very easy to follow the show on those whenever you felt like you couldn’t see enough of what was going on. Even if I’m not a huge Eurovision fan,  it still was something really special and like I said, a lot of fun. We of course were there to sheer Iceland on, and clearly it worked because they got to continue on to the finals on Saturday! Woho, GO ICELAND! It really is too bad we don’t have tickets to that show, because I’m sure that one is going to be even more fun. All we can hope for now is that Iceland winns soon so we can go to a show there aswell 😉

Our original seats behind the stage. (Sorry about the bad quality it's taken on my phone)

Our original seats behind the stage. (Sorry about the very bad picture quality, it’s taken on my phone.)


Since we accidently planned our trop to Sweden to be at the same time as the Eurovision is in Malmö, Sweden we of course had to go! 🙂 The tickets for the final on Saturday were long gone by the time we noticed that we would be here during this time, so we had to settle for tickets to the show tomorrow when Iceland is competing. I’m not a huge fan of the Eurovision, but still think it might be fun to try it at least once. Doddi is weirdly a lot more in to this then me 😉 I do have to admit that our tickets are not the best money can buy, they might actually be that we’re sitting behind the stage, but it’s the whole experience that I’m going for.

I don’t know how many of you have heard the Icelandic song, but in my opinion it’s not a winning song, sorry Doddi 😉 It’s an okay song, but far from a great song so it won’t win. The guy will sing it in Icelandic which I think is kind of cool. And even if it might now win we’re still going there tomorrow to support him! So GO ICELAND! 🙂

Second chapter

We have been very busy lately, with moving from Reykjavík to Akureyri and starting up a “new” life here. I can’t say that’s it’s been an all smooth journey, but things are starting to look a bit better. So once again I’ve been neglecting my blog, and I’m sorry for that. Soon there will be a change, or at least I hope so. Doddi and I are starting a new chapter in our “Great Icelandic Adventure”. What it is I can’t tell you yet, but for us it’s something big and super exiting! Hopefully I can tell you all about in a few weeks. But first we’re off for a vacation in Sweden, which I’m very much looking forward to of course. Not only will I get to see my family and friends, but hopefully we’re going to take the ferry back and that means we can bring our “normal” car back with us (It’s starting to be very expensive to be driving around in a Super Jeep all the time), and some more of our things 🙂 Also I’ve never taken the ferry to Iceland, so it might be kind of fun. If we take the ferry we would get to stay a few extra days in Sweden, which I’m of course not complaining about 😉 Only problem with it is that we’re short on time at the moment with our “new project” so we can’t stay away from here for too long 😉 But when we get back I will share with you all what our “new project” is, so stay tuned 😉

One thing that I can share with you is our newly made photo page. There you can see many of our pictures, both from Iceland and Sweden and also some other places. This page isn’t completely finished yet, but we’re working on getting it finished soon. It will also be updated whenever we feel that we have taken some new nice pictures 😉 So do check it out!

One of the pictures you will find on our page

One of the pictures you will find on our page, an “Ice bird” at Jökulsárlón.