From here to there

As you might have noticed I have not been very active on my blog lately, reason is that Doddi and I are still in Akureyri. We went here to spend Easters with the family and then while we were here we decided that we no longer what to live in Reykjavík so we’re moving to Akureyri! 🙂 We of course still need to get back to Reykjavík to collect our things, there included my computer which I’m missing a lot at the moment. But this is the main reason why I haven’t updated my blog at all. But as soon as I have my computer again I’ll continue writing about our adventures so just be patient, please!

One small updated; We have winter and SNOW!!!! 🙂 For Doddi and me this winter have been a bit of a disappointment, but all we needed to do to get a real winter was to move to Akureyri! It’s too bad we didn’t figure that out earlier 😉 So now I can finally stop complaining about the lack of snow, because we have plenty of it and I’m loving it! 🙂 Thank you Jack Frost for finally listening to me and bringing me what I wanted 😉


2 thoughts on “From here to there

    • No we are moving now. I will try to get into an Icelandic class in AK instead 🙂 here has just been to many problems with the class in RVK, so I gave up

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