Jeep trip, part 2

The most spectacular place we went to on our trip was without a doubt Breiðbakur. Standing up on that mountain you feel like you have a perfect view over all of Iceland! It was really amazing. The weather up there was a little less amazing, it was sunny but very very windy and freezing cold. The wind almost turned your face into a Popsicle 🙂 ????????But it was definitely worth it! And even if we never got to drive on a glacier during this trip I at least got a perfect view of one (Vatnajökull) and that is always better than nothing. We were extremely lucky to have such clear weather this day. Because of the great weather you could see incredibly far. So this is definitely a great place to visit on a sunny day!  ???????? ???????? ????????

Up at Breiðbakur we met another Cherokee (most of the cars from our gang were Toyotas). This Cherokee had a bit bigger tires than us and ????????that gave both Doddi and I an idea of what we would want our car to look like if we would ever change it and put bigger tires under him. Doddi have been talking about doing it for a while now but I’ve always said no thinking that the car would look weird with too big tires. But after seeing that one I have finally changed my mind 😉


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