Jeep trip, part 1

A couple of weekends ago we went on our big Jeep trip of the year. We started on Thursday afternoon by going to Hella where we meet up with the 15 cars coming from Akureyri. From there we all continued on towards a hut called Dalakofinn (North of Þórsmörk) where we would be spending the night.

All lined up and ready to leave civilisation behind us

All lined up and ready to leave civilisation behind us

On our way to the hut

On our way to the hut

I’m not very used to these kinds of travels, the trips we’ve been to have mainly been over the day and I’ve gotten to go home at the end of them and sleep in my own warm bed. During this trip we got to sleep in some different mountain huts and the main thing they all had in common was that they were freezing cold when we first arrived. So there was no warm and cosy bed to crawl into and no hot shower to warm up your frozen limbs. Instead you got to go out and get snow to melt to even have water. At the end of each day we all crawled into our very cold sleeping bags and tried our best to get some sleep and I must say that I’m very happy I remembered to bring my ear-plugs because when you’re sharing a hut with around 30 people and majority of them are men then there will be a whole symphony of snoring going on all night long. My first morning I woke up very early and I was just laying in my sleeping bag looking out the window watching the sun rise coming over the mountain and listening to the snoring symphony and somehow it was kind of nice, and funny 🙂

A beautiful morning

A beautiful morning

During our whole trip we had amazing weather with the sun shining down from a blue sky and almost no clouds at all covering it. It was of course cold but then it’s nice to be in the car and just look at all the beautiful nature around you. This is absolutely one of the best ways to travel! So to anyone who hasn’t tried it, you really should, there is nothing like it! I will never get tired of this, the Icelandic landscape all covered in snow is so beautiful that it takes your breath away at time, and being out there is total a freedom and just an euphoric feeling that is impossible to describe to anyone who hasn’t tried it.???????????????????????????????


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