Íslenska fyrir útlendinga II

Last night I went to my first lesson in Icelandic, and because of some misunderstanding I ended up in Icelandic 2 and not Icelandic 1, so it’s a good thing I already know some Icelandic or I’ll be having some big problems for the next few weeks 🙂 Because of another misunderstanding we were only two students last night, the rest of them are all coming from a company and they didn’t know we were starting last night so they will hopefully come tomorrow when we have our next lesson. So we only had a short lesson last night and we went through some things they learned in Icelandic 1, and so far I’m not having any problems keeping up. But then again I will always have Doddi who can help me if there’s something I don’t understand 😉

So now I’m off to do some homework and then prepare my post about out Jeep trip last weekend 😉


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