Time to learn!

I’ve been living in Iceland for 8 months or so now and still I haven’t found a job, so I decided it was time to do something about it! Therefore I’ve signed up for an Icelandic course and today I’m going my first lesson. Hopefully this will help me in my job search.

I feel very excited about finally getting to learn Icelandic for real. I of course do understand some already, and have learned a lot from listening to Doddi and his family, but I still find it difficult to speak it so I thought I could use some professional help 🙂 Hope it’s a good course and that I will learn a lot, fast! I’m not know for being a patient person 😉

The course I’m taking is at Multi-Kulti


3 thoughts on “Time to learn!

  1. Hope you will find it as easy that you thought it was to learn danish. Please let me know how it was and if you got the letter without trouble.
    We are a little bit worried about the snowstorm if it comes tomorrow when we have to drive to Helsingborg.
    Lots of hugs from both of us

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