Driving Music

On Thursday we’ll be going on the big Jeep trip of the year, and since we will be driving up in the mountains the radio won’t work very well so I’ve spent my day looking for some new music and making a playlist of “Great Driving Music”. This turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. For some reason I couldn’t come up with even one song when I finally sat down with my computer, my head just went kind of blank. So I tried Googleing driving music, but I still didn’t find much. Since we will be driving for hours and hours I need a LOT of songs otherwise we’ll get bored of the playlist pretty fast. After what seemed like many many hours I finally got a playlist of 117 songs! Still I’m not sure this will be enough, but it will have to do for today.

Do you have any suggestions of good songs to put on my “Great Driving Music” playlist please share it with me 😉


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