Reading is Learning

To curl up in the sofa under a blanket with a good book is one of my favourite things to do on a day like this when the sky is gray and you can feel the rain in the air (yes we’re still stuck with rain and no snow 😦 ) But to be able to do that you need books and since 90% of mine are still in Sweden with the rest of our things it was time to try to increase the tiny library I do have here. So this weekend we went to the small book fair at Perlan. I was hoping there would be some English books there, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any. But I did end up buying one book, but it’s in Icelandic. I doubt that I can read it, but maybe someday soon when my Icelandic has gotten a little better I can at least try.

When I moved to Denmark I also had a bit of a problem with the language, not as much as here but still, and one way I learned the language was by reading books by one of my favourite authors Marian Keyes. I have most of her books and some of them I’ve read so many times that I know them by heart now. So it was so perfect to start with those book when I wanted to learn. My plan was to do the same here, but unfortunately Iceland is a bit behind once again. Marian Keyes hasn’t released any books in Icelandic! This was a huge shock for me and an even bigger disappointment. So my great plan fell to pieces. My next step is probably to start Icelandic classes, because I’m tired of not understanding when people are talking so it’s time to learn!


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