Crossing off the list

I can finally cross off some things on my Bucket list!!!

First thing to cross off was the Blue Lagoon. We went there a couple of weekends ago. Doddi was driving for some Norwegian tourists and so on that Friday we picked them up at the airport and then went with them to the Blue Lagoon. We were very unlucky with the weather this day, it was rather windy and raining. It was so windy that evening that the rain came straight from the side. So my first visit to the Blue Lagoon was during the best of conditions, but it was still pretty great! 🙂 But because of the weather we didn’t take any pictures at all, which was really too bad. But then again, the pictures wouldn’t have turned out that great, the vision was very limited. Hopefully I will get to go there again someday and then I will for sure hope its better weather so that I can get some pictures from there!

Second thing to cross off my list was driving a Super Jeep in snow! During our trip to Skjaldbreiður and Langjökull Saturday I finally got to drive the Jeep in the snow. When we were at the bottom of the glacier we did a short stop and when we were getting ready to drive on Doddi asked if I wanted to try to drive for a while. Since this is on my bucket list I couldn’t say no so I got behind the wheel and started to drive and it was the most fun I’ve ever had! I knew it was going to be fun, but it was so amazing to drive up that glacier in perfect weather and looking around you at the stunning view! I definitely have to do it again and again!!! 🙂 So not only did I get to cross off driving in snow, I also got to cross off driving on a glacier, how amazing is that! Thank you Sweetie for trusting me with your beloved car 😉


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