An impossible glacier? part II

Our latest trip to the glacier Langjökull was just a few weekends ago. The 4×4 club here in Reykjavík had organized a trip for “smaller” super Jeeps to go to the glacier and since our Jeep is “small-ish” we decided to go. In total we were about 60 cars going all divided up in different groups to make sure no one got lost 😉 Our Jeep finally has his winter tires on now and is working a lot better so this really was a trip I was looking forward to, I was finally going to drive up on the glacier. So far I haven’t driven our car in snow (to be honest I haven’t driven it much at all on any surface) and since we were going with all these “small” cars the plan was that I would drive parts of the day. As mentioned before we haven’t been very luck with snow and this weekend there was even less than normal even up on the mountains. Instead of the roads up there being covered in snow they were now all covered in first mud and then later on ice. Must say that I was very happy that the Jeep had his “winter shoes” on this day, with all that ice on the road it would have been horrible. Some of the other cars didn’t have spiked tires and they had huge problems at time. But because of this I didn’t get to drive, or to be honest I didn’t want to drive. Ice roads just isn’t my favourite so I stayed in the passenger seat. I was thinking that as soon as we got to snow and the roads got better I would switch with Doddi, but the roads never seemed to get better, there was just ice or super wet snow all over and as we made our way towards the glacier the weather seemed to be getting worse and worse. When we were below the glacier having lunch the weather really took a turn for the worst and soon we couldn’t see much of anything around us. Still our group decided to try our luck on the glacier and so we started driving and it was so much easier for us this time, and we didn’t get stuck half way up like last time 😉 A glacier is a very dangerous place to drive if you don’t know where to drive, and since we had never made it up here before we didn’t have any route to follow on our GPS so we just had to follow the other cars hoping they knew where to go 😉 As we go further on the glacier the weather just got worse and worse and soon we were having problems seeing the cars in front of us. To our disappointment our group leader soon decided that he had enough of this weather and told all of us to turn back down. Since we didn’t have a track to follow we couldn’t go alone so we followed the others and went back down even if all we wanted was to continue on.

Third time wasn’t the charm for us and we never got to explore much of Langjökull, but we did make it further than last time so maybe after a few more trips there we might even get to cross it if we’re lucky 😉 It’s so hard to know how your trips will be, sometimes the weather stops you and sometimes your car is the problem. All I know is that we’re not giving up! I will drive on that glacier, one day! 😉


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