An impossible glacier?

Seeing as this is our first winter together here in Iceland (a part from a holiday back in March 2011) we of course want to make the most of it. Winter is both Doddi’s and my favourite time of year and with our super Jeep it’s even more fun 🙂 When we’re getting close to the weekend we start planning what we should do and if maybe we could go a trip somewhere. Since the snow seems to be avoiding falling down in down-town Reykjavík we often want to escape to the mountains where the snow can be found, but since it can be kind of dangerous with a risk of getting stuck somewhere we never go alone. So far we’ve only been to three trips and our goals on each one of them were to go to the glacier Langjökull which isn’t too far from here. The first trip you have already heard about and that time we never made it all the way to the glacier, instead we went on a different route because of the weather and still had a lot of fun. Our second time we did make it to the glacier and even tried to get up there.

All of us lined up and ready to try our luck at the Glacier

All of us lined up and ready to try our luck at the Glacier

On our way to the glacier the weather wasn’t great but still not too bad so we continued on and the closer we got to the glacier the better the weather got. Sometimes you’re just that lucky 😉 ???????????????????????????????Since we still did have our winter tires on the car the drive there was a little bit more difficult than I should have been, but it wasn’t until we got to the glacier that the real problems started. We tried and tried to get up that glacier but our tires just didn’t like the snow and it didn’t matter how much air Doddi took out of the tires we still kept getting passed by all the other car that was with us and at one point the car didn’t even want to go forward. Doddi tried and tried but the car refused to go forward and not because we were stuck but because the tire was no longer attached to the rim on the right back wheel. Seeing as I’m very inexperienced it never even accrued to me that this could happens so to me it looked a lot worse than it really was. My first thought when I saw the tire was that this was it, that we would have to leave our car, (me a drama queen? Yes I might be 😉 ) ???????????????????????????????We of course had to call back some of the guys and get some help to get the tire back on. The guys worked very hard but after a while they really did manage to get the tire back on. We still decided that our car had enough of the glacier and since the others who had made their way up the glacier had problems up there and were thinking about turning back we got a ride in one of the other car so that I would at least get to be up on the actual glacier.

A beautiful sunset up on the Glacier

A beautiful sunset up on the Glacier

When we finally made our way up there the sun was just about to set and I didn’t just get to walk on a glacier I also go to see a sunset up there and it was so beautiful! On our way down the mountain we got to see the most amazing views ever and even if we never made it up the glacier with our car this was still an evening I will never forget!!!

The most beautiful sunset I've ever seen!

The most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen!


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