Yesterday was a very special day; it was the 6 month anniversary of my move to Iceland. It’s hard to believe that’s it all ready been 6 whole months since I stepped off the air plane with all my bags and a million butterflies in my stomach. Even if this wasn’t my first time in Iceland it felt so completely different from my previous visits, and not only because I was alone and didn’t have Doddi by my side, but also because I knew that this wasn’t just a visit. I wouldn’t be going home again in a couple of weeks or so, in fact I was home. This was my new home now and it felt so unreal somehow. I had been looking forward to this for so long, but then the plane finally landed and I felt a bit scared along with all the excitement. Even if this wasn’t the first time I moved away from my home or moved to a new country, it still felt completely different. For the first time I had no plan, no job or school waiting for me. But I did have a really amazing guy waiting for me and that was all that mattered to me! Doddi and I had been away from each other for so long at that point that all I could think about was that soon I would get to see his smiling face again and feel his arms close around me, and I could hardly wait.Iceland mix

Three years ago today I gave my heart to the most amazing guy I’ve ever met. He’s the one I would follow to the end of the world! Nothing about our life together has been easy, but nothing that can be thrown at us could ever break the bound that has kept us tied together for so many years now. Ever since that day three years ago I’ve known that we’re meant for each other and with him by my side there is nothing I can’t do! He’s the reason I’m in the biggest adventure of my life and just knowing he’s there by my side through the journey makes it so much easier to enjoy it and not worry where it will all lead me in the end! Every day with him is like an adventure, an adventure I hope never ends!S

Ég elska þig af öllu mínu hjarta, nú og að eilífu♥


4 thoughts on “Anniversary

    • Thank you, that’s so sweet of you to say.
      It really is hard to believe that it’s been 6 months, some days it feels like I just got here and then other days it feels like I’ve been here for ages 🙂

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