Million colors

Christmas is over and life is back to normal. After spending a week in Sweden celebrating a great Christmas with my family, we came back to Iceland a few days before New Year’s Eve so that we could celebrate the New Year with Doddis family in Akureyri. This was the first time we would be in Iceland during New Year’s and I was really looking forward to it after hearing lots of Sstories about how Icelanders go crazy with fireworks. But after going with Doddi to buy some fireworks I got a huge chock, it would cost a small fortune to buy the same amount of fireworks as I’m used to from back home. Fireworks are so expensive here so the thought of people buying a lot of them didn’t really add up to me. So of course I got a little bit suspicious and thinking that maybe the stories weren’t true, maybe they had all exaggerated a bit. Oh how wrong I was… There had been no exaggeration what so ever, they really did go all in! The weird part about it was that there was so many of them that started before dark and all through the evening you could hear them all over town. When we got close to midnight the fireworks started for real and it was so amazing that I don’t even have words to describe it! I was standing out on the street and all around me they were shooting up and exploding in all the colors of the rainbow, and all I could think was; it doesn’t get much better than this! Iceland is the place to be on New Year’s Eve!!!


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