Gleðileg jól og gæfuríkt komandi ár

You can very easily notice that we’re getting very close to Christmas now, everybody is so busy and I’m one of them 😉 There’s so much to do and so little time to do it in. On Friday Doddi and I fly to Sweden to celebrate Christmas with my family. I’m really looking forward to coming home again, and I hope the snow will still be there when we arrive 😉

Since we won’t be here for Christmas we went to Akureyri for the weekend and had an early Christmas celebration with Doddi’s family. We had an evening with great food and lots of fun! Christmas is the best! 🙂S

Since this was a weekend of Christmas we of course had to go for a visit to the Christmas house. I just love going there. They have so many beautiful and cool things that I could walk around there for ages. Only problem about it is that it’s a bit small, and so if there are a lot of people (like there was this Sunday) then it gets very crowded, and hard to walk around. But it was still worth a visit and we were lucky enough to have Santa himself behind the counter 😉

I won’t have time to write again before Christmas, so I wish you all a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!! Hope to see you all again in January;)


9 thoughts on “Gleðileg jól og gæfuríkt komandi ár

  1. We are looking forward to see you both again and I´m counting the hours untill you will be here with us. Welcome home. We don´t have any snow yet but I hope it will come before you are here. See you soon

    • Thank you! From what I’ve heard the snow is almost completely gone, but I’m hoping there will come more snow in the next few days 😉 Take care!

    • Thank you, our Christmas was really lovely! New Years was something very special, and a night I will never forget 😉 Icelanders really do go all in when it comes to fireworks 😀

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