Sweden or Iceland?

Since winter is here, and has been her for a while now, I’m of course expecting snow and lots of it. But for some reason the snow just don’t want to fall here. The mountains surrounding Reykjavík are all white from a nice cover of snow, but here in town it never seems to want to stay for very long. Since this is Iceland there should be snow, shouldn’t there?

As most of you know I grew up in Sweden, and during my childhood we always had nice cold winters with snow and all of that. But as I grew older the snow became less and less for every year, at least that’s how I saw it.

Snow in Sweden, (picture is borrowed)

Snow in Sweden, (picture is borrowed)

Last winter there was close to no snow at all in the south of Sweden, which was very disappointing to both Doddi and me. We both felt like winter never really came. This year when we’re no longer in Sweden they are having huge problems with too much snow! How is this possible? Is it just because we’re not there anymore that the weather gods decided to give them a lot of snow? 🙂 One do wonder sometimes 😉 Since we’ll be celebrating Christmas with my family in Sweden I’m of course hoping that all of this snow will stay until then, not sure everybody agrees with me about this. There are so many who doesn’t seem to enjoy snow, well to all of them I can only say; if you don’t like snow, then move further south or stop complaining! 🙂 I’m at least hoping for a very white Christmas back home!!!

Since there’s still a few more weeks to go before Christmas arrives all my fingers and toes are crossed in hopes of there coming a LOT of snow here in Reykjavík any day now!


4 thoughts on “Sweden or Iceland?

  1. I also hope that the snow will stay untill christmas here because I also likes when it´s white and light outdoors. Your black car was only white this morning so it took me some time to take away all the snow before I could leave and go to work. We have about 4 degrees cold and no wind so anusuall. Looking forward to see you soon. Mammi

  2. I cross my fingers that the snow lasts in Sweden. Here we had snow the last days and it’s a winterwonderland now with sun and blue sky. It’s not that usual here at the Southern Baltic Sea coast. But the last years were all snow-friendly.

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