No snow, only rain

The most famous saying in Iceland is probably; “If you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes”. Often this is very true, the weather here can change in minutes and that can of course both be good and bad 😉

Picture of the Jeep from last weekends trip. Picture is borrowed.

Our Jeep from last weekends trip. Picture is borrowed.

Since we had so much fun on out Jeep trip last weekend Doddi and I had thought about going on one this weekend as well. But unfortunately the weather had decided to get a bit warmer and so there was only rain and no snow 😦 Going on a trip like this when the weather isn’t nice just didn’t feel that appealing to us, so instead we spent a quiet weekend at home. But all weekend log we both kept looking out the window to see if maybe there had been any change in the weather, and then hopefully to the better 😉 Unfortunately the nice weather didn’t show up until today. Maybe we’ll be more lucky next weekend!


2 thoughts on “No snow, only rain

  1. Här hemma har vi fått ännu mera snö så jag tycker lite synd om Er men Du hinner nog tröttna på den innan den försvinner igen till våren.
    Kram från Mammi

    • Jag, tröttna på snö? Det tror jag aldrig kommer hända. Hoppas på att där kommer vara en massa snö hemma när vi kommer till Jul så att det kan bli en riktigt Jul i år!

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