Gleðileg jól og gæfuríkt komandi ár

You can very easily notice that we’re getting very close to Christmas now, everybody is so busy and I’m one of them 😉 There’s so much to do and so little time to do it in. On Friday Doddi and I fly to Sweden to celebrate Christmas with my family. I’m really looking forward to coming home again, and I hope the snow will still be there when we arrive 😉

Since we won’t be here for Christmas we went to Akureyri for the weekend and had an early Christmas celebration with Doddi’s family. We had an evening with great food and lots of fun! Christmas is the best! 🙂S

Since this was a weekend of Christmas we of course had to go for a visit to the Christmas house. I just love going there. They have so many beautiful and cool things that I could walk around there for ages. Only problem about it is that it’s a bit small, and so if there are a lot of people (like there was this Sunday) then it gets very crowded, and hard to walk around. But it was still worth a visit and we were lucky enough to have Santa himself behind the counter 😉

I won’t have time to write again before Christmas, so I wish you all a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!! Hope to see you all again in January;)


100!!! :)

Happy Friday everybody!

This will be my 100th post! It almost feels like I just started this blog. After closing down my old blog I wasn’t sure if I should start a new one. But when Doddi and I decided to move to Iceland I kind of felt like I needed a blog. Both so that my family and friends back home could follow us a bit, but it was also for me. This was a way for me to kind of keep all my new memoires and experiences and not forget them when we went on a new adventure.

Since I met Doddi my life has been a lot more exiting and there have been a lot more adventures, so to remember them all will be hard. But now I will have at least a few of them collected here for me to read when I need to freshen up my memory a bit 😉

Sweden or Iceland?

Since winter is here, and has been her for a while now, I’m of course expecting snow and lots of it. But for some reason the snow just don’t want to fall here. The mountains surrounding Reykjavík are all white from a nice cover of snow, but here in town it never seems to want to stay for very long. Since this is Iceland there should be snow, shouldn’t there?

As most of you know I grew up in Sweden, and during my childhood we always had nice cold winters with snow and all of that. But as I grew older the snow became less and less for every year, at least that’s how I saw it.

Snow in Sweden, (picture is borrowed)

Snow in Sweden, (picture is borrowed)

Last winter there was close to no snow at all in the south of Sweden, which was very disappointing to both Doddi and me. We both felt like winter never really came. This year when we’re no longer in Sweden they are having huge problems with too much snow! How is this possible? Is it just because we’re not there anymore that the weather gods decided to give them a lot of snow? 🙂 One do wonder sometimes 😉 Since we’ll be celebrating Christmas with my family in Sweden I’m of course hoping that all of this snow will stay until then, not sure everybody agrees with me about this. There are so many who doesn’t seem to enjoy snow, well to all of them I can only say; if you don’t like snow, then move further south or stop complaining! 🙂 I’m at least hoping for a very white Christmas back home!!!

Since there’s still a few more weeks to go before Christmas arrives all my fingers and toes are crossed in hopes of there coming a LOT of snow here in Reykjavík any day now!

No snow, only rain

The most famous saying in Iceland is probably; “If you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes”. Often this is very true, the weather here can change in minutes and that can of course both be good and bad 😉

Picture of the Jeep from last weekends trip. Picture is borrowed.

Our Jeep from last weekends trip. Picture is borrowed.

Since we had so much fun on out Jeep trip last weekend Doddi and I had thought about going on one this weekend as well. But unfortunately the weather had decided to get a bit warmer and so there was only rain and no snow 😦 Going on a trip like this when the weather isn’t nice just didn’t feel that appealing to us, so instead we spent a quiet weekend at home. But all weekend log we both kept looking out the window to see if maybe there had been any change in the weather, and then hopefully to the better 😉 Unfortunately the nice weather didn’t show up until today. Maybe we’ll be more lucky next weekend!