Family trip

Saturday morning Doddi, Hrafnkell and I met up with two other families and their super Jeeps and went for a fun drive in the close by mountains. Our plan was to drive to the glacier Langjökull, but unfortunately the weather wasn’t that great, it was snowing quite a bit and everything was just white. So before we reached our destination we decided to turn around and drive somewhere where the weather might be nicer. Since there isn’t much snow here in Reykjavík at the moment, I was a bit nervous about there not being a lot of snow where we were going. There wasn’t a lot of snow, but there was enough for us to have some fun driving off road 🙂 Hrafnkell hasn’t been to a trip like this since he was a baby, so for him this was something new and very exciting. When Doddi was playing and trying to get up a hill Hrafnkell was screaming in the back out of fear and joy 🙂 We were a bit afraid that he wouldn’t enjoy it, but after we got home he asked when we could go again, so I guess that means he had fun!

All of us lined up and ready to have some fun!

Doddi having some fun in the snow

He didn’t quite make it up the hill

This is what happens when you’re playing in the snow

Impassable, not if you have a super Jeep

Amazing sunset up on the mountain

It was very hard getting any nice pictures this day because like I said earlier everything around us was just white. You couldn’t see where the snow ended and the sky began. When we finally made it out of the white it got dark very fast so that also made it hard to take pictures. But I did take some out of the car window while Doddi was driving 😉


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