Last Thursday Doddi won tickets to FM957 Eldhúspartý. This is a live concert with some different artists. We got to see Steindi jr & Bent , Friðrik Dór, Systkynin, Dikta, Hreimur, Friðrik Ómar and sérstakir gestir (secret guest). I had no idea what to expect before going there since I didn’t know many of the once playing that night. But we had so much fun and they were all really good! The only disappointment that night was Friðrik Dór. He’s one of the first Icelandic singers I started to listen to and I love his music, so of course I was really looking forward to hear him. He cam on stage, played one song then said good night… He was the last one to go on for the evening and that’s how he ended the show, by playing one song. So disappointing. But I think he was angry about something, because his behaviour was very weird. But all in all it was a great night and I would love to go again! 🙂

I was going to have some pictures from the show with the post, but unfortunately they haven’t put the pictures on their web page yet, there you can only find pictures from the first night and we went on the second one.

Btw for those of you who doesn’t understand Icelandic, Eldhúspartý means Kitchenparty 😉 Kind of funny name for a live show.


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