Something Magical

As some of you might have noticed, I’m a bit, or maybe a lot, obsessed with snow. Why this is I’m not sure, but for as long as I can remember I have LOVED snow. There is just something magical with snow and then especially with the first snow of the season. That is the absolute best, to see the first snow fall turning all the dark and grey into this white magical landscape that just wasn’t visible before. When the snow falls it turns everything bright and everything around you calms down and it becomes quiet, it’s so amazing!

Can it get more beautiful?

My first visit to Iceland was in March 2010. It had been a very cold winter, but with little snow. Even here in Iceland they had less snow then usual if I remember it right. It wasn’t until the week before our arrival that it really started to snow here, and it snowed a lot. I can still remember looking out the tiny window of the airplane and seeing Iceland for the first time, and it was all cover in snow. It was so amazingly beautiful that I was completely blown away. To me this was the most perfect first impression of Iceland, and one I’ll never forget! We had so much fun those three weeks we spent here that first time. I got to go on my first super Jeep trip, and was so scared 🙂 I also got to see some amazing places which I just fell in love with, like Goðafoss which has turned out to be one of my favourite places here. It was such an amazing trip which gave me memorise for a lifetime!

Me at my favourite waterfall.

I feel very lucky to have gotten the opportunity to move here when I know that so many of you who read my blog have a very special love for Iceland. All I can say is that I can definitely understand why you love this country, it really is something special!


4 thoughts on “Something Magical

  1. It’s fun to see how familiar sights look so different in winter. Unfortunately I don’t think I’d ever plan to do a big holiday there in winter as could be too unpredictable getting around. Maybe when I have my second home there. 🙂

    • I can understand that you don’t want to come for a holiday during the winter, it can be VERY unpredictable. But at the same time it’s something you should experience, a real Icelandic winter! It’s very special, and so beautiful! 🙂

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