Bucket list

As some of might have seen, I have a bucket list. For those of you who don’t know what a bucket list is, to explain it very easy, it’s a list of things you want to do before you die. One part of my bucket list is with things I want to do here in Iceland. So far I haven’t done any of them! Which is kind of surprising, at least too me. I thought I would have done at least one or two of them by now. But maybe the problem is that I didn’t start the bucket list before I came to Iceland the first or even the second time. I made it before I moved here, but by then I had already done and seen things here, and maybe some of those things were things that would have made it to the list. But they didn’t and so the things on the list are maybe the more difficult or more challenging one. All I know is that I need to do something on the list soon.

I did cross off one thing on the list this year, shoot a gun. I did that this summer on one of our trips, and I must say it was a lot more fun than I thought. Also I was a lot better at it than anyone thought 😉 I think I really surprised Doddi. The first time I hit he of course thought it was a lucky shot, but when I managed to hit the target more than once he did look a little bit impressed 😉

So do any of you know some things I should put on my Icelandic part of the Bucket list? All ideas are welcome!


4 thoughts on “Bucket list

  1. Well, you know, I can think of lots of things. Visiting Heimaey island and Isafjordur are pretty high up on mine. Seeing a really good version of the Northern Lights. Kind of depends on how physical you want to be – the Landmannalaugar walk is good (but hard if you aren’t a walking/sleeping out kind of person) and I’d also like to do the half marathon in Reykjavik. Also depends on whether you want to DO things or SEE things…

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