Mountain sunset

Last Sunday the sun finally came out of its hiding and lifted the grey that had covered the whole town for days and days. Doddi and I jumped in our car and went for a drive to soak up as much of the sun as we possibly could. The weather was still cold, but when you have the sun shining down on you from a blue sky you don’t mind it as much. After a few stops on the way we finally ended up at Geysir. This was my third visit to Geysir, but it’s a place I’m never going to get tired of. There is just something about watching the boiling water shoot up from the ground into the sky that makes me want to stand there and watch for hours. As many of you probably already know the main Geysir, which all the rest of them are named after, isn’t very active any more. Instead it’s Strokkur everybody comes to see. Strokkur erupts about every 5-10 mins or so and normally shoots up 15-20m in the air. The Great Geysir can shoot up as high as 70m in the air, but to get o see that I guess you have to be really lucky. We weren’t as lucky as too see that, but we did get to see the water shoot up from Strokkur and have the sun setting behind the mountains in the background. It was very beautiful. This visit to Geysir ended up on my top 10 moments in Iceland!


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