Short days

I know a lot of people are complaining a bit about that the lengths of the days during the winter here in Iceland are so short. Maybe they are short, maybe the sun does come up later than many are used to and maybe it does settle earlier than you might like. Personally I don’t see the big problems since I think it’s not that big of a difference from Sweden. Its winter so of course it’s dark when you wake up, and dark by the time you come home from work. With this late sunrise and early sunsets there comes the most amazing colours! And if the sun came up early I would never get to see. Instead I often see the most beautiful sunrises from my living room window! So why complain? 😉

Sunrise in Reykjavík, picture taken from our balcony

Sunset up in the mountains


Family trip

Saturday morning Doddi, Hrafnkell and I met up with two other families and their super Jeeps and went for a fun drive in the close by mountains. Our plan was to drive to the glacier Langjökull, but unfortunately the weather wasn’t that great, it was snowing quite a bit and everything was just white. So before we reached our destination we decided to turn around and drive somewhere where the weather might be nicer. Since there isn’t much snow here in Reykjavík at the moment, I was a bit nervous about there not being a lot of snow where we were going. There wasn’t a lot of snow, but there was enough for us to have some fun driving off road 🙂 Hrafnkell hasn’t been to a trip like this since he was a baby, so for him this was something new and very exciting. When Doddi was playing and trying to get up a hill Hrafnkell was screaming in the back out of fear and joy 🙂 We were a bit afraid that he wouldn’t enjoy it, but after we got home he asked when we could go again, so I guess that means he had fun!

All of us lined up and ready to have some fun!

Doddi having some fun in the snow

He didn’t quite make it up the hill

This is what happens when you’re playing in the snow

Impassable, not if you have a super Jeep

Amazing sunset up on the mountain

It was very hard getting any nice pictures this day because like I said earlier everything around us was just white. You couldn’t see where the snow ended and the sky began. When we finally made it out of the white it got dark very fast so that also made it hard to take pictures. But I did take some out of the car window while Doddi was driving 😉


Last Thursday Doddi won tickets to FM957 Eldhúspartý. This is a live concert with some different artists. We got to see Steindi jr & Bent , Friðrik Dór, Systkynin, Dikta, Hreimur, Friðrik Ómar and sérstakir gestir (secret guest). I had no idea what to expect before going there since I didn’t know many of the once playing that night. But we had so much fun and they were all really good! The only disappointment that night was Friðrik Dór. He’s one of the first Icelandic singers I started to listen to and I love his music, so of course I was really looking forward to hear him. He cam on stage, played one song then said good night… He was the last one to go on for the evening and that’s how he ended the show, by playing one song. So disappointing. But I think he was angry about something, because his behaviour was very weird. But all in all it was a great night and I would love to go again! 🙂

I was going to have some pictures from the show with the post, but unfortunately they haven’t put the pictures on their web page yet, there you can only find pictures from the first night and we went on the second one.

Btw for those of you who doesn’t understand Icelandic, Eldhúspartý means Kitchenparty 😉 Kind of funny name for a live show.

Something Magical

As some of you might have noticed, I’m a bit, or maybe a lot, obsessed with snow. Why this is I’m not sure, but for as long as I can remember I have LOVED snow. There is just something magical with snow and then especially with the first snow of the season. That is the absolute best, to see the first snow fall turning all the dark and grey into this white magical landscape that just wasn’t visible before. When the snow falls it turns everything bright and everything around you calms down and it becomes quiet, it’s so amazing!

Can it get more beautiful?

My first visit to Iceland was in March 2010. It had been a very cold winter, but with little snow. Even here in Iceland they had less snow then usual if I remember it right. It wasn’t until the week before our arrival that it really started to snow here, and it snowed a lot. I can still remember looking out the tiny window of the airplane and seeing Iceland for the first time, and it was all cover in snow. It was so amazingly beautiful that I was completely blown away. To me this was the most perfect first impression of Iceland, and one I’ll never forget! We had so much fun those three weeks we spent here that first time. I got to go on my first super Jeep trip, and was so scared 🙂 I also got to see some amazing places which I just fell in love with, like Goðafoss which has turned out to be one of my favourite places here. It was such an amazing trip which gave me memorise for a lifetime!

Me at my favourite waterfall.

I feel very lucky to have gotten the opportunity to move here when I know that so many of you who read my blog have a very special love for Iceland. All I can say is that I can definitely understand why you love this country, it really is something special!

Slow Driving

All weekend long Doddi and his father was working hard to change the engine in the Cherokee. Sometime after lunch on Sunday they were finally finished and Doddi and I took the car out for a test drive, just to make sure it worked properly 😉 Since we weren’t sure how the engine would be we decided on a short trip, and so we went up to Úlfarsfell and then continue on from there to Hafrafell. On our way down from Úlfarsfell Doddi decided that it was time for me to learn how to drive the car. I have tried it once or twice before, but the only for a couple of minutes or so, and never off road like this. I of course said no at first being a bit scared of it all. But after a lot of persuading from Doddi I finally got behind the wheel and started driving. I don’t know if any of you have ever tried to drive a super Jeep, but let me tell you that it’s kind of different from driving a normal car. As much as I thought it was fun I was also a bit terrified, what if something went wrong, what if I hit a too big rock, what if, what if… There were just a million thoughts racing threw my head those first few minutes. When driving off road the road is far from straight and smooth so you always have to know where you have your wheels and how high up the car is from the ground. It took me a little while to figure out where I had my wheels, and I did drive over a few rocks that I never meant to, but after a little while I did get a hang of it and could manoeuvre the car around all the rocks and holes. When Doddi is driving he has full control over the car at all times and he can drive pretty fast if he knows it’s safe. I on the other hand did not drive fast at all. It took a lot longer for us to get up that mountain than it would have if Doddi was driving, but at least I did it!

I’m sure that next time I get behind the wheel of that car I’m still going to be a little scared, but maybe not as scared as I was the first time. If you have read my bucket list you know that my goal is to drive a super Jeep in snow, but to do that I need a little bit more practice before I’m ready for it.

Bucket list

As some of might have seen, I have a bucket list. For those of you who don’t know what a bucket list is, to explain it very easy, it’s a list of things you want to do before you die. One part of my bucket list is with things I want to do here in Iceland. So far I haven’t done any of them! Which is kind of surprising, at least too me. I thought I would have done at least one or two of them by now. But maybe the problem is that I didn’t start the bucket list before I came to Iceland the first or even the second time. I made it before I moved here, but by then I had already done and seen things here, and maybe some of those things were things that would have made it to the list. But they didn’t and so the things on the list are maybe the more difficult or more challenging one. All I know is that I need to do something on the list soon.

I did cross off one thing on the list this year, shoot a gun. I did that this summer on one of our trips, and I must say it was a lot more fun than I thought. Also I was a lot better at it than anyone thought 😉 I think I really surprised Doddi. The first time I hit he of course thought it was a lucky shot, but when I managed to hit the target more than once he did look a little bit impressed 😉

So do any of you know some things I should put on my Icelandic part of the Bucket list? All ideas are welcome!

New Design

Since winter is here I thought it was time for a new design on the blog. This one is a little bit more inspired by winter and of course snow 😉

Here in Reykjavík the snow still hasn’t arrived, but from what I heard they have a lot of it in the north, so now I of course wish I was there instead of here 🙂 Our plan was to go to Akureyri this weekend, but Doddi found a new engine for the Jeep so he will spend the weekend putting it in the car so that we finally can go on some trips again! I’m really looking forward to that. It’s been way too long since we went anywhere in that car. Of course we can go on trips with our other car as well, but it just isn’t as nice or as fun! Everything becomes a lot more fun when driving in that car. Just the sound of the engine roaring to life puts a smile on my face. I just LOVE our “red monster” 😉 My goal for this winter is to learn how to drive it. Will keep you updated on my progress 😉