Autumn at Þingvellir

Since winter hasn’t arrived yet here in the south of Iceland, we still get to enjoy autumn 😉 So when the sun came out last weekend Doddi and I decided to take a drive to Þingvellir. We’ve never seen it during the autumn, only during the summer, so we thought it might be a nice day-trip. I must say that it was the perfect day to be outside, the sun was shining from a blue sky and there was almost no wind. Does it get any better than that? 😉

When we arrived at Þingvellir we were both very surprised to see the place almost filled up with tourists. Of course you can expect this during the summer, then the parking place is filled up with busses. But this is the middle of October, so I was kind of expecting it to be a lot less crowded. I thought we might run in to some Icelanders, but not bus-loads of tourists. Still it’s kind of nice to know that Iceland attracts tourists even when it’s not summer.

Since we’ve both been to Þingvellir before, and seen most of it, we decided to just go for a walk and enjoy the nice weather. I had never walked to the church before, so we did that and also took a look in the cemetery. Seeing as there was no wind this day the water was crystal clear and gave off perfect reflections. This resulted in some really nice pictures. As the afternoon started to come to an end and the sun started to disappear behind the mountains it quickly became clear to me that winter is just around the corner. The only thing keeping you warm now is the sun, so when it goes down you get cold pretty fast. That was when we decided it was time to return home to the city curl up under a blanket and watch a movie. 


11 thoughts on “Autumn at Þingvellir

  1. I would love to go there… we didn’t make it on our trip in February! I know what you mean about tourists, when we went to Gullfoss it was heaving with folk… so when would be a good time to visit when it’s not too busy?

    • I don’t know, every time I’ve been there it’s been a bit crowded, but I must say that it’s still worth a visit 😉

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