I’m going home

Early on Thursday morning I fly home to Sweden. No I’m not leaving Iceland for good 😉 I’m just going home for a week to visit my family. Why am I going now, well it’s been a few months since I left Sweden now and next time we’re going there will be at Christmas. So I thought this was kind of right in the middle of everything, so the perfect time for a visit 🙂 Unfortunately Doddi won’t be able to come with me this time, he has to stay here and work. Since I still haven’t found a job, I decided to go any way. Will be so nice to see my family, I have missed them a lot the last few months! One week in Sweden is probably not enough, I would need so much more time to do all the things I want to do and see all the people I miss. But one week is all I can take of being away from Doddi. Really wish he was coming with me! At least he’ll be going with me to my family during Christmas.

So Sweden, here I come!!!! 🙂


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