The Zoo

About one month ago or so on our way back home after a weekend in Akureyri, Doddi and I went to look for seals (you can read about it here). Unfortunately they all seemed to be hiding from us, and we never got to see a seal expect in the distant. Even if I don’t love animals like most people, most of the time they just scare me, I still want to see seals and whales in their natural habitat. But since that wasn’t possible that day then we decided to go to the “zoo” a few weekends later. Since you’re not allowed to import any animals into Iceland then the zoo only has Icelandic animals, and is kind of small. But it was still a great afternoon spent walking around and Hrafnkell of course loved it since he LOVES animals 😉 And for the first time I got too see an Icelandic seal 😉 Even if they were in captivity, they we still super cute 🙂

But I am still hoping to get to see some seals in their natural environment some day!


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