City walk

Monday I had made plans to meet up with a fellow blogger, who had just arrived in Iceland the night before. We met up down town to go on a free city tour of Reykjavík. This of course was the day we had the really bad weather here in Iceland, so to go on a guided tour around town might not have been the best of plans, but since it was just a little (read a LOT) of wind and no rain I decided that it wouldn’t be too bad. Weirdly enough then we weren’t the only ones going on the walk. There was one English couple who had also decided not to get scared off by the weather. Since I was the only one in the group who wasn’t actually a tourist I did feel a bit stupid. They were all here for a short period of time and so they probably just wanted to get as much as possible out of their visit. I on the other hand could have gone on this walk when ever, but I pick the only day since I came here with bad weather… To my defence then I hate being a tourist and exploring all alone, and since Doddi works during the week days we only have the weekends to go exploring and we have done a lot of that since I came, just not in Reykjavík 😉 But anyway, I decided to go even if it wasn’t a perfect day with sun, and I did enjoy it. The tour guide was a bit different, and so was the tour. He gave a lot of personal opinions about pretty much everything and some of them made sense others not so much 🙂 The most annoying part of the tour was that the guide kept saying over and over that this was not normal Icelandic weather. If that’s true or not, I don’t know. I haven’t been here long enough to know for sure. But I am pretty sure that they do have storms here, but maybe not this early in the season. He at least was not enjoying the weather and decided to cut the tour short, and since it was a free tour we couldn’t really say much but I did get a bit disappointed. But after he had left us the two of us decided to continue on and do some sightseeing on our own. So we went for a walk around town and up to Hallgrímskirkja where we continued on to the sculpture garden of the Einar Jónsson Museum. After a walk in the garden we went down town again where we decided to do a little shopping instead, and by shopping I mean going in to as many stores as possible to try to stay warm 😉 After being outside for that long the wind had started to be too much for us. Even if we weren’t really cold it was just not that much fun to be blown in every possible direction 😉

Even if it wasn’t the best day to be outside I still enjoyed it and I had a lot of fun. One of the most interesting places we went to during our tour was the city-hall to look at the huge model of Iceland. Doddi and I were suppose to go look at it during the culture night, but for some reason we never did, can’t remember if it was because the city-hall was closed or not. But now I finally got to see and it was really cool. If you’re ever in Reykjavík this is something you must see! 😉


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