Stormy weather part 2

Anyone visiting Iceland during the summer time has come across sheep ruining around freely. When summer is over the sheep are all collected and brought back to the farms. During the winter months the sheep are all kept inside safe from snow etc. As mentioned before a storm hit Iceland Sunday evening bringing with it large amount of snow, falling manly up in the north. This has caused many problems, and one of them was unfortunately the loss of sheep. Since the farmers hadn’t yet begun collecting the sheep from the mountains many of them were trapped in the snow and had to be dug out by the farmers and rescue squad. Of course it’s hard to say how many sheep were lost, but I’m sure it was quite a few 😦 As much as I love snow this is unfortunately one of the side effects of snow falling so early in the season. Hopefully the snow will soon melt away again and not come back until its winter 😉 Then it can fall as much as it wants! 🙂


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